Grapevine: Shiver my timbres

Grapevine Shiver my tim

n MOST PEOPLE who want to see the work of internationally renowned sculptor and jewelry designer Ilana Goor who is represented in some of the world's leading galleries, find their way to Jaffa where she and her husband Lenny Lewingrub established the Ilana Goor Museum, which features not only her creations but those of other artists and artisans whom she admires. Last week, Goor, her husband and some 70 invited guests went to Tiberias for the unveiling of Goor's latest piece of sculpture, 'The Mother Ship,' honoring the memory of her late mother Dr. Rachel Raya Sapir-Goor, who was the first gynecologist to conduct a practice in Tiberias and traveled throughout the Galilee to assist women in giving birth. Although she died when Ilana Goor was only 13, she left a strong impression on her. When Goor left Tiberias, she felt as if her boat had sunk. Thus when the mayor of Tiberias asked her to sculpt something in the nature of a boat to adorn the city's promenade, the request moved something deep inside her and "the boat rose to the surface and sailed forward." Among the guests at the unveiling were former government minister Shulamit Aloni, businessman Dudi Wiessman and his wife Bruria, Yaron Klein the director of the Old Jaffa Development Company, Yoav Igra, the owner of Herod's Hotel, Eilat, Tiberias Mayor Oved Zohar and other well known personalities. n MUSIC LOVERS who lament the fact that their social or business lives don't allow them sufficient time to go to concerts in the evening, may want to take advantage of a new Israel Philharmonic Orchestra five-part series to be conducted on Friday mornings in a much more congenial atmosphere than that of a regular concert hall. Intermezzo, which begins on Friday, December 25 will be held at irregular intervals, with subsequent events on February 5, March 19, May 7, and July 30. Meeting before the concerts in the lobby of the Mann Auditorium where coffee tables laden with the day's newspapers will be set up, patrons can read the papers, chat to each other, enjoy coffee and cake and lectures about the works to be played. The events that begin at 11 a.m. feature performances by international artists and conductors, including of course Zubin Mehta who will conduct the February and July concerts. n AMONG THREE Israelis recognized by the Government of China for their contribution to the welfare of the Chinese People was Dr. Moris Topaz, head of the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, where he performs reconstructive surgery. Topaz, who has a string of degrees and is or has been on the executives of prestigious medical organizations in Israel, Europe and the United States, received his award within the framework of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the People's Republic of China. Some years back, Topaz was contacted by an organization that seeks to promote friendship and cooperation between Israel and China, and asked whether he would be prepared to share his know-how with Chinese doctors. He acceded to the request and over time worked in several Chinese hospitals to demonstrate his techniques to Chinese surgeons. This proved to be of enormous benefit to untold numbers of Chinese people. Topaz established such excellent relations in China that last year a team of Chinese doctors and nurses came to spend two months in Israel to study surgical and clinical procedures at Hillel Yaffe.