Alleyway art

East Jerusalem artists are highlighted at a 10-day festival in the Old City.

An ambitious 10-day arts festival is drawing to a close this weekend in the Old City. The Jerusalem Show, edition 0.1, showcases the works of 26 local Arab and overseas artists, and includes photography, video, painting, sculpture and performance. Festival events are taking place throughout the cafes, streets and alleys of the Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters, on the Old City ramparts, at youth and community centers and on rooftops. "Taking a cue from the way that visitors to last year's show walked around the city to see the artworks as well as take part in the guided tours I led, this year's guiding concept is a free, casual stroll in the city," says festival director Jack Persekian. "The 26 artists participating have produced pieces that require visitors to meander through the city in search of their work. "Nida Sinnokrot's 'Untitled Cracks' necessitates a dedicated amount of time in search for the tiny blue lights emanating from cracks in walls. Aissa Deebi's "To Be In Love With Jerusalem," an accumulation of his reflections, admiration and fond memories of Jerusalem, is installed at two locations - the Austrian Hospice and al-Haj Ahmad al-Araj Café," adds Persekian. "Emily Jacir's piece 'Untitled' takes us on a walk down memory lane, to the heydays when one would be able to hop into a shared taxi outside Damascus Gate and for one or two Jordanian dinars ride to Amman, Damascus or Beirut. Her sound piece can only be heard during the day, amongst the hustle and bustle of the peddlers market outside Damascus Gate," he continues. Programs today include Elisabeth Von-Samsonow's discussion of "The History of Female Spirituality" at the Austrian Hospice at 5 p.m., followed by the Mary Magdalene public performance and procession on the corner of al-Wad Street and the Via Dolorosa. On Saturday, Luchezar Boyadjiev will be leading his guided tour performance at al-Ma'mal Foundation (Latin Patriarchate Road just inside New Gate) at 7 p.m., followed by Leopold Kessler's video performance "My Place For Sale" at 9 p.m. For further information, contact al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art at 628-3457 or visit