Jerusalem carries out Jordanian demolition request

An illegally built structure on the late King Hussein's property was destroyed.

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abdullah 88
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The Jerusalem Municipality has demolished an illegally built Arab structure on the grounds of an unfinished east Jerusalem palace belonging to the late Jordanian King Hussein, the city announced Thursday. The unusual demolition was carried out this week at the behest of Jordan, which had written to the Foreign Ministry and to Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski on the issue. The 56-square-meter, one-floor, uninhabited structure was illicitly built on the grounds of the palace in Beit Hanina, the city said. A separate transportable structure erected at the royal site was also razed. In 1966, Hussein began construction on a lavish palace, only to be interrupted the next year by the Six Day War when Israel gained control over all of the city. The palace's foundation and partial superstructure remains standing. Palestinians and left-wing Israelis routinely complain that it is difficult for Arabs to obtain building permits in Jerusalem, forcing them to build illegally, while the municipality insists it is evenhanded in enforcing building codes in all parts of the city.