Turkish nobility

If you're looking for a quality meal at a reasonable price, Pasha fits the bill.

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turkish dish 88
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Just walking in to Pasha, the Turkish restaurant in Talpiot's industrial zone, takes you far away from the daily grind of the city, into a world of lavish Turkish color and authentic music that create an overall relaxed atmosphere. Reflecting the traces of different customs and traditions, Turkish cuisine, with its splendid products and unique cooking methods, is considered one of the three famous kitchens of the world. The wide range of vegetables and fruits, available throughout the year, provides a constant source of fresh produce so that the preparation and taste of the wide variety of dishes changes with the seasons. In the Turkish kitchen, there is never a reason to use tinned, preserved or frozen produce, unless it is to achieve a specific taste. It is customary for everyone at the table to sample every dish, which often consist of the same vegetable prepared in a number of very different ways. The transition from the mezes to the main course is not always obvious. Diners have to anticipate the arrival of the succulent lamb or chicken skewers, accompanied by tasty rice dishes - otherwise, they might overdo themselves on the first course. Traditional desserts are outrageously sweet, the perfect complement to the mostly savory Turkish main courses. We began our meal with a selection of homemade salads which created a zesty mix of flavors. The roasted eggplant in olive oil and garlic had a velvety touch and tasted very fresh. The tomato and red onion salad was nicely garnished with coriander, with drizzled pomegranate syrup that elevated its taste even more. The not-at-all Turkish first course, a chopped liver salad, was flavorsome and had an interesting texture, but the pickled carrot salad was too sharp to my taste. Throughout the entire meal, the service was fantastic and our server was attentive and understanding. When the main courses came out next, we were excited to try them out. The wonderfully-grilled Cornish hen strips, drenched in a light tahina sauce, were accompanied by a salad of greens. Not a heavy dish, it was yet very refreshing and full of flavor. The other dish, sea bream that had been perfectly cooked in the restaurant's taboon, was garnished with herbs and garlic. And the Turkish kebabs were even better - charred, juicy patties that practically melt in your mouth, served with parsley leaves to enhance their taste. As expected, the desserts were sweet, and the kadaif, malabi, and halva mousse went down just right with the coffee and the mint tea. Pasha. 28 Rehov Pierre Koenig, Jerusalem. Open Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tel: 648-2220 (Kosher)