You decide!

For those commuters still unsure of the best way to get to Tel Aviv, here's a list of pros and cons: Train Pros: 1. The idyllic countryside between Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem 2. Tables and ample legroom for a comfortable ride 3. Environmental friendliness 4. The pleasant (and often empty) Malha Station 5. Patriotism Cons: 1. Current length of ride (90 minutes) 2. No cellphone service for part of the ride 3. The price (NIS 19; round trip, NIS 34.50) 4. The new Beit Shemesh transfer 5. Infrequency (every hour from Jerusalem) Bus Pros: 1. On off-peak hours it takes only 50 minutes 2. Relative reliability 3. The price (NIS 17.70, round trip, NIS 30.10 ) 4. Frequency of the lines (on average every 15 minutes) 5. Take part in a bona-fide Israeli experience Cons: 1. The rowdy, crowded Central Bus Station 2. Feeling like a sardine inside the bus during rush hour 3. Car sickness 4. Inability to read or work 5. Risk of road congestion Car Pros: 1. Schedule control 2. AC control 3. Radio station, music control 4. Door to door service 5. Car also serves as intra-city transport Cons: 1. Buying and maintaining a car 2. Cost of gas 3. Full concentration required 4. Parking worries 5. More dangerous than public transportation