Divorce rate rises in Tel Aviv

The report said the national figures show, in contrast to Tel Aviv, the overall Israeli divorce rate has been falling.

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More couples are getting divorced in Tel Aviv than ever before, but at the same time the average age of marriage in the city is actually falling, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. According to figures from the municipal religious council, the number of divorces in the city rose by 5.5 percent from 723 in 2006 to 763 last year. But at the same time, the ages of those marrying fell, with 75% of people marrying in Tel Aviv last year aged under 30, compared with just half of those marrying in the city in 2006. According to the report, municipal religious councils around the country collate marriage and divorce statistics at the end of every year. The Tel Aviv religious council recorded 3,400 marriages in the city in 2007, a similar number to the previous year. One out of every five people marrying in the city last year was marrying for the second or subsequent time. Those marrying included 600 widows and widowers, as well as some 40 couples who had divorced but then decided to re-marry each other. The report said the national figures show that, in contrast to Tel Aviv, the overall Israeli divorce rate has actually been falling. The number of divorces nationally fell by 2% from 9,963 in 2006 to 9,765 in 2007. In Jerusalem, the divorce rate plummeted by 7.7% in 2007. "To our sorrow, a not insignificant number of couples flinch at the commitment that is demanded by the institution of marriage," the head of the municipal religious council, Eldad Mizrahi, said.