Drivers warned about fake parking cards

Private detectives discovered a factory in Tel Aviv that was manufacturing fake cards at a high standard.

fake parking pass 88 224 (photo credit: )
fake parking pass 88 224
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Thousands of fake Tel Aviv parking cards were recently discovered being sold cheaply at the city's kiosks, and residents and visitors are being warned to be sure they buy the genuine items to place on their car windows, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. Fraud squad police are now investigating the fake cards, which were discovered after the city noticed that its revenues from sales of parking cards had dropped significantly. According to the report, the parking cards normally sell for NIS 4.60 each, and allow drivers to park for one hour in a permitted (blue-and-white) zone. The cards are sold at city hall and at kiosks around Tel Aviv, and bring millions of shekels into the city's coffers every year. But the city recently discovered that its revenue from parking card sales was several hundred thousand shekels less than usual, and at the same time it heard rumors that some kiosks were selling cards at reduced prices. Private detectives were hired, who uncovered a factory in south Tel Aviv that was manufacturing fake cards at a high standard. The information has now been turned over to the fraud squad for investigation, and the city is considering how to proceed against the kiosk owners who were selling the cards.