Enough with 'City that never stops'

Ahead of its 100th birthday, Tel Aviv is seeking more 'mature' slogan.

tel aviv 298 (photo credit: www.tel-aviv.gov.il)
tel aviv 298
(photo credit: www.tel-aviv.gov.il)
Tel Aviv has finally grown tired of its "City that never stops" slogan ("Ir Le'lo Hafsaka") and is seeking a new image to present to the world, reports the Hebrew weekly Yediot Tel Aviv. With the city's 100th birthday approaching in 2009, a municipal committee is working on finding a more mature slogan that better reflects the diverse population living in Tel Aviv. According to the report, the committee was set up with a budget of NIS 1.5 million and hired renowned international advertising firm McCann Erickson to work on the new image. The agency carried out a number of surveys of residents to see what they felt about their city, and came up with four potential models for a new image. The first model, based on the current slogan, presents Tel Aviv as the city for endless entertainment. The second presents Tel Aviv as a liberal, pluralistic and open city, "where anything is possible." The third model emphasizes the color and diversity of the city. And the fourth model presents Tel Aviv as the cultural center of Israel, pointing out the many cultural activities that take place in the city throughout the year. The committee is expected to choose one of the four models as the new image over the next few weeks. A municipal spokesman said the aim was to find a slogan that would distinguish Tel Aviv from other cities, and attract tourists, business-owners and more young residents. "The four concepts are being examined now, and the one that has the highest potential to advance the city and its aims in coming years will be chosen," the spokesman said.