New work to light up poor Jaffa neighborhood

The impoverished Shem Hagdolim area of Jaffa - home to hundreds of poor families - will soon get street lighting for the first time after city councilor Ahmad Mashrawi succeeded in persuading city managers to install lamp posts and a public electricity system, reports According to the report, the engineer who built the neighborhood attached external lights to the adjoining buildings, rather than creating a separate street lighting system hooked up to the municipal electrical system. With many in the neighborhood so poor that they cannot afford to pay their own electricity bills, the result has been that with nightfall the entire area plunges into darkness. The report said that Mashrawi had made it his mission in recent weeks to persuade city officials that the area deserves public street lighting, and that he had succeeded. It said that three public lamp posts had already been installed which would light up the neighborhood, and that the city's maintenance department was now working on separating home and yard lighting from the public lighting system.