Series of workshops to reach out to women in recession

In the wake of the current economic crisis, the city of Tel Aviv and the Netta women's organization have decided to launch a series of subsidized workshops to teach women how to manage their careers during a recession, reports The lectures are aimed at women with academic careers or managerial experience who live in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and central areas. According to the report, the series is a joint venture by the city and by Netta - the Hebrew acronym for "Women for the Benefit of Their (Own) Futures" - an organization founded in 2006 to help professional women break through the "glass ceiling" and succeed in the workplace. The series will consist of six sessions in which women will be taught different styles of managerial communication, how to conduct "difficult conversations," and how to balance work with other areas in life. The lectures will take place one evening per week in Ramat Aviv, and those interested are asked to visit Netta's website or call (09) 958 7534.