Warning: Construction ahead

Tel Aviv residents must brace themselves for even more road work.

Tel Aviv residents who are tired of seeing the endless road works in their city are being warned to brace themselves for more, with municipal infrastructure planners recently completing plans for extensive work to be done by the year 2012, reports Yediot Tel Aviv. The planners recently presented a booklet to Mayor Ron Huldai outlining the plans and the expected timetables for the work. According to the report, major repairs or upgrades are being planned for many roads in the center and the north of the city. Among the plans are: an NIS 105 million business district in the north of the city; an NIS 23 million building plan for Kikar Hamedina, an NIS 12 million redevelopment of Rehov Dizengoff, and major infrastructure repairs to the Derech Namir and Sderot Rokach intersection. The current extensive renovations of Rehov Ibn Gvirol will also continue through this year and into 2009, at an estimated cost of NIS 50 million. The report said the streets that would suffer the most would be those in which lines and stations will be built for the planned light rail project, including Allenby, Carlebach, Hamasger, Begin, Sderot Yerushalayim, and adjoining streets. The report said the extensive planned road works would cause "not a few headaches" to the residents of many streets in the city.