'While I was out, they turned my home into a pot greenhouse'

Lod man explains things to police.

Lod police received a complaint on Wednesday from a resident who complained that his home had been turned into a marijuana hothouse in his absence.
The man told police that he had bought a house in Lod three months ago and had yet to move in. He had also, apparently, not visited the house since purchasing it. When the man arrived at the house on Wednesday, the locks had been changed and he was unable to open the door.

After a locksmith came and let him in, the man was stunned to discoverthat his apartment had been turned into a sophisticatedmarijuana-growing facility, which police said included grow lights anddozens of plants hooked up to an irrigation system.
A spokesman said the man had bought the house and was keeping itunoccupied as an asset. The spokesman added that the people who had setup the greenhouse probably assumed that the apartment was abandoned.
Police confiscated the more than 50 plants.