Getting set to jet set

The International Exposure dance festival gives both audiences and performers a chance to soar.

International exposure (photo credit: Eyal Landesman)
International exposure
(photo credit: Eyal Landesman)
In an industry fraught with fierce competition, money is often in short supply. However, if you look at the Facebook pages of many Israeli dancers, it would seem that the lack of funds is made up for by other perks, mainly travel. Israeli troupes do seem to get around at a dizzying rate. This weekend, the event that is largely responsible for this jet-set lifestyle kicks off.
International Exposure, now in its 16th year at the Suzanne Dellal Center, is a four-day festival where international and local dance lovers can take in this year’s crop of creations. From early morning to late night, audiences will be treated to performances that range from major dance companies like Batsheva to solos and duets created by emerging artists. Shows will be held on the center’s main stage, as well as Yaron Yerushalmi Hall, the Givatayim Theater and the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. All this is geared toward a common goal that all participating choreographers share: to be invited to perform abroad. The list of attendees includes the directors of festivals from Montpelier, Lyons, London, Sydney, Hong Kong and New York.

In the last few years, Israeli participation in international dance festivals has been overwhelming. It seems that each event hosts several of our ensembles. While 15 years ago few theater directors abroad had ever heard of Israeli dance, it is now an undeniable force in the world of contemporary and post-modern movement.
Aside from the benefits the festival presents to choreographers, this is a great opportunity for audiences to take in all the shows they may have missed this season.
This year’s line-up is divided into large works and “exposures” – i.e., groupings of smaller works. In addition, many artists, such as Renana Raz and Inbal Pinto, have chosen to perform to a small audience and thus will not open these shows to the public at large.
The big company pieces that will be presented include Bill by the Batsheva Dance Company, choreographed by Sharon Eyal; Wall/Zena by Ohad Naharin; Mana by the Vertigo Dance Company; Transform by Rami Beer for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company; and The Project, a new collaborative initiative of Suzanne Dellal and the Israeli Opera.
The exposures are the real gold in this festival, as smaller works are easier to travel with. Exposure 1 consists of Particle Accelerator by Yoram Karmi for the Fresco Dance Group and Ou by Rachel Erdos. Exposure 2 hosts works by Idan Sharabi and Odelya Kuperberg and a new work by choreographers Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal. Exposure 3 will showcase Mami Shimazaki and Orli Portal.
Exposure 4 presents new works by Nimrod Freed and Tamir Gintz for the Kamea Dance Company.
In all, International Exposure will give more than 25 choreographers the chance to show their stuff to all the right people.
International Exposure runs from December 8 to 12. For tickets, visit or call (03) 510-5656.