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The Ferrari binoculars are not only beautiful to look at but also to look through.

binoculars 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
binoculars 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For many, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about binoculars is bird-watching. But as wonderful as binoculars are for viewing birds, they can also be used to look at things much closer, or much farther, than any bird could be. I'm sure everyone who has ever held a pair of binoculars must have noticed that when looking through them backward, things around you appear tiny and distant. When you pull things extremely close, those binoculars you got for viewing distant objects are suddenly transformed into extraordinarily keen magnifying glasses. You can suddenly see tiny structures within flowers, the marks of your own fingerprints and some of the crispest detail on close objects. Binoculars come in a great variety of sizes and magnifications. Pocket-sized models are usually 8x25 or 10x25 where the first number is the magnification and the second indicates the diameter of the objective lens at the front. The larger the second number the more light will enter the binoculars, making the image brighter and clearer. When choosing binoculars, it's best to try them out in person. Only you can decide how much magnification you can hand hold steadily and how much weight is comfortable to carry. Inspired by Ferrari Formula 1 cars, the Ferrari binoculars made by William Optics are not only beautiful to look at but also to look through. Ergonomic and lightweight, they are ideal for sports events, hiking and daytime observations. Made of automotive-grade aluminum, and painted an eye-catching red, they have a sporty design and use real carbon fiber together with the best optical glass available to deliver bright images. The Ferrari binoculars provide eight-power magnification with 25 mm. objective lenses, which are multicoated. The prisms receive a phase coating to improve sharpness. While extremely light and compact, they still allow you to focus from a very short minimum distance. Focusing is very easy with the central focus knob. If you need to adjust for differences in your eyesight, you can use the optic scale adjustment to accommodate for them, and the retractable eyecups allow glasses wearers to use these binoculars easily. The Ferrari binoculars come with a neck-strap and a cordura pouch with a distinctive Prancing Horse shield. NIS 1,220 at [email protected]