A delicious new snack/dessert from Yoplait has a combination of a layer of fruit yogurt and a layer of vanilla mousse on top.

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Yad Mordechai has a limited edition of olive oil made from the first pressing of the olives. This first oil is somewhat thicker and looks more cloudy, since it is bottled immediately and doesn't go through the process of sedimentation, as do other olive oils. The taste is a little stronger, but we liked it a lot; this olive oil is healthier too, containing only 0.5 percent acidity. The 500 ml. bottles are sold at Tiv Ta'am, Mega, and other selected stores for NIS 28.50. Mama Of has come up with a new variation of its ready-made chicken dishes: Italian-style chicken breast marinated in tomatoes and herbs, which was a hit in my house. The chicken contains only 3% fat; all you do is heat it up. A package containing 400 gr. (about 10 to 14 pieces) is NIS 31. Knorr has a new series of instant soups that are divided according to colors, each soup containing at least three vegetables in a particular color. The new soups are red (red pepper, tomato and beet), yellow (corn, carrot and winter squash), orange (carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato), green (green peas, broccoli and zucchini) and white (potatoes, mushrooms and onions). The soups do not contain preservatives, food colorings or monosodium glutamate; the price for a package is NIS 9.50 to NIS 11.50. Pompadour is now selling white tea. The two varieties are Asian plum and jasmine flowers; a box containing 20 tea bags is NIS 19.90. Two new teas by Wissotzky are the Royal Grey, and the Lord Grey. The Royal Grey is a black tea mixed with orange and mandarin, and the Lord Grey is black tea with lemon-lime; a box containing 25 tea bags is NIS 12. A delicious new snack/dessert from Yoplait is the Mousse +, a combination of a layer of Yoplait fruit yogurt with a layer of vanilla mousse on top. The three varieties are strawberry, mango-peach-passion fruit and berries; one tub is NIS 4.69. Those who like the coffee served at the Roladin chain can now brew it at home. The coffee is made from arabica beans, and has a nice full taste. A 250 gr. package of the Roladin House Blend is NIS 29.90. To serve a special drink, for example on New Year's Eve, you can add the special reusable ice cubes made by Hillula, which contain a light inside the cube. Every time you light the cube again (by simply pressing a button), it changes color. One cube is NIS 9.90, and you can order them through the Internet at www.hillula.co.il.