Art inside and out

The real beauty of Ein Hod, a rare artists’ village, lies in its people and their creations.

Pottery in in Hod (photo credit: Itsik Marom)
Pottery in in Hod
(photo credit: Itsik Marom)
The northern part of Highway 4 is a beautiful road with a lot to see and places to visit on either side. One kilometer south of Oren Junction, turn east on road 7111 and you will arrive at a gem in the shape of a picturesque artists’ village.
You have reached Ein Hod, the one and only artists’ village in Israel. As a matter of fact, there are only a few artists’ villages of this kind in the entire world.
Once you step into its borders, the atmosphere changes immediately. Art is everywhere, outside and especially inside all of the houses in the village.
All of the inhabitants of Ein Hod are artists by profession and within their souls.
Ein Hod was founded by a group of artists in the 1950s. Marcel Janco, co-founder of Dadaism, was the one to recognize the location as a pleasant and peaceful place in which they could work on their art. The new residents built workshops and studios and an artistic environment was created on the site.
Their art enriched Israel as part of the culture of the young developing country at the time and it continues to do so today.
Before 1948, Ein Hod was the Arab village Ein Hud. The village is built on the south side of the Carmel slopes. This adds a vertical dimension to the scenery. Signs will lead you through old stone houses, new homes, an amphitheater, stairs and a great lookout toward the Mediterranean Sea.
However, this is only the backdrop. Here, three dimensions are not enough and there is almost a promise of a fourth one. The real beauty of the place is in the people and their creations. Pottery, statues, paintings, jewelry, photography and music are only part of what Ein Hod offers to its visitors.
You will come across some very special studios and museums along your route, such as the Janco Dada museum and the Nisco Mechanical Music Museum. It is impossible to fully explore the village in just one day. Many enthusiasts find themselves returning to Ein Hod again and again.
Naturally, there is always something new to see.
You can visit on your own, but for a couple, a family or a group, the best option is to take a guided tour to enrich your visit and find out the important facts and the history of this charming village. If you want to stay longer there are a local bed-and-breakfast, a bar, cafes and restaurants.
Visitors who are interested in feeling the art and really touching the raw materials, or who just want to experience the life of an artist, will find many workshops they can join. You most likely will not leave the village empty-handed. There are so many beautiful things to buy and take home – in addition to the memory of a wonderful day and a desire to come back soon.