Showtime: Jaffa on the fringe

Jaffa Theater will set out its alternative entertainment stall between October 30 and November 1, with its Fringe Night slot.

Jerusalem Theatre (photo credit: Rebecca Crown Auditorium)
Jerusalem Theatre
(photo credit: Rebecca Crown Auditorium)
Jaffa on the fringe
Jaffa Theater will set out its alternative entertainment stall between October 30 and November 1, with its Fringe Night slot. The three-dayer also goes by the subtitle of “Two Days of Premieres at Jaffa Theater.
The program kicks off with Eyes by Norma Issa, which is based on poems by Mahmoud Darwish set to music by Mira Awad. The cast includes three actresses, one actor and a camera, and Eyes, performed in Arabic and Hebrew, tells a tale of childhood in the Galilee and exile in Lebanon. Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai will attend the first performance of Eyes (October 31, 9 p.m.) and there will be a second performance the following day at the same time.
Paul Celan’s Unruhige Zeiten (Troubled Times) will be performed on all three days of the Fringe Festival, with a show at the University of Haifa sandwiched between two performances at the Jaffa Theater.
Unruhige Zeiten is based on an exchange of love letters between the Romanian-born German-language Jewish poet and the poetess Ingeborg Bachmann. The love affair was based on rocky cultural and emotional ground, as Celan’s parents died in the Holocaust while Austrian-born Bachmann’s father was a Nazi.
The cast includes Gabi Eldor and Doron Tabori and the production is directed by Eva Brenner-Vina. The October 30 show will be performed in German with Hebrew subtitles, and the other two will be performed in Hebrew. The Fringe Festival also includes My Jaffa by Orna Akad, about an Arab refugee who returns to Jaffa after an absence of 60 years.
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Taking Rabin’s assassination literally
The Orto-Da Theater Group will host a multidisciplinary program at Hanesich Hakatan (Little Prince) rooftop café on Tel Aviv’s Nahalat Binyamin Street at 8 p.m. on Sunday, based on the lessons we can learn in the aftermath of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination.
The evening will be MCed by Orto-Da co-director Avi Gibson Bar-El and writer Sarah Blau and will explore the changes that have and haven’t taken place in Israeli society in the 17 years since Rabin’s death.
The Sunday session will feature novelist Yochi Brandeis, following the publication of her latest tome, Akiva’s Orchard, which looks at the origins of Judaism. Meanwhile, journalist Yehuda Nuriel will talk about the involvement of religious figures in national issues and how to equate Judaism with democracy.
The entertainment side of the program will include theatrical sketches based on Brandeis’s book, performed by students of the Nissan Nativ acting school, and Shlomo Gronich will provide the musical fare.
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Autumnal art
The Salon d’Automne (Autumnal Salon) art exhibition will make its first appearance in Israel, at Hangar 1 at Jaffa Port, from October 31 to November 4.
The world-famous multidisciplinary arts event was founded in 1903 and offers young artists an opportunity to display their work on one of the world’s major arts stages. The exhibition incorporates painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, music, cinema and dance, and over the last century has introduced some of the world’s leading artists to the general public. Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall both exhibited paintings at the salon.
The exhibition will include around 500 works from France and another 500 by Israeli artists.
For more information: 052-636- 9526 or
Analyzing photos in Haifa
Photographer Leah Golda Halterman has maintained a highly successful international career in recent years and is currently displaying some of her latest offerings in the indoor and outdoor “Photoanalysis” exhibition at the Turkish Market Compound on Haifa’s Moshe Aharon Street.
Halterman’s works cover a wide range of topics, from Jewish art to people who live on the fringes of society. She describes herself as “a tourist of humanity,” and adopts a no-holds-barred approach, both to her subjects and to the public who come to see her works.
For more information about the exhibition, call Haifa Municipality information, (04) 835-6860, or 106 within Haifa.