Showtime: Spicing things up in the Galilee

The cookery education gets under way at 6 p.m. on Thursday with a three-hour sushi workshop fronted by Assaf Madar who will enlighten his audience about Japanese culture.

Mount Arbel 311 (photo credit: Wayne Stiles)
Mount Arbel 311
(photo credit: Wayne Stiles)
Spicing things up in Galilee
The Spice Way Farm (Havat Derech Hatavlinim) at Beit Lehem Haglilit is the place to be, starting from Thursday, if you like to spice up your life a bit and spread your culinary wings.
The cookery education gets under way at 6 p.m. on Thursday with a three-hour sushi workshop fronted by Assaf Madar, who will enlighten his audience about Japanese culture, the origins of sushi, and the ways to prepare the dish.
Then, on the following Monday (6 p.m.), the event heads for North Africa, with a workshop on stuffed dishes from Moroccan cuisine. Baking is next up on Thursday July 14 (6 p.m.) as Miki Shemo provides some tips on how to make different kinds of pastry, cakes and fillings.
Ayelet Shafriri will run a workshop on romantic cooking on July 18, and Nelly Carpner will educate the public about healthy cooking on July 21.
The workshops are limited to 15 participants each. More information: (04) 953-3405
Kids’ mini-market
Parents of children up to the age of seven looking to renew their offspring’s wardrobe may want to get themselves down to the Mini-market event at Lima Lima on Rehov Lilienblum in Tel Aviv today and tomorrow (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
The fair will host a children’s fashion sales event, as well as sales of accessories and interior design artifacts.
In between trying on clothes and getting their parents to fork out, the junior consumers will avail themselves of the entertainment endeavors of a DJ, a music show courtesy of Maor Cohen, movies and a juggling act.
Naturally, there will also be stalls with eatables on the premises.
Entry to the fair costs NIS 30 for adults, which includes a cup of coffee or beer, and NIS 10 per child.
Kiddies’ games to port
Tel Aviv Port will host the Childhood Games happening from July 3 to August 4, Sundays to Thursdays, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
The event program incorporates a wide range of games and hands-on activities, from backgammon and chess to snakes and ladders, dominoes and twister.
Patrons with a more combative and physical approach can take part in tugs-of-war, red light-green light or tag.
Elsewhere on the Northern Deck and Sandbox area of the port there will be plenty of outsized games facilities for children and parents, including giant building blocks and giant dominoes. Large games kits can be rented for NIS 10 each.
There will also be various creative workshops on offer, for NIS 35 each.
Entry to the games site is free. More information:
Irish artists join Black Velvet
On July 14 (9 p.m.), our longest-standing Irish music band, Black Velvet, will join forces with two of the Emerald Isle’s leading musicians, piper Gay McKeown and fiddler Liam O’Connor, in a Celtic music tour de force at Tel Aviv’s Enav Center.
McKeown, one of the best-known pipers in the Celtic music world, has performed and recorded with numerous artists in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.
O’Connor is an award-winning fiddler who performs extensively across Europe and the United States and has worked for many years with McKeown’s piper son, Sean.
Black Velvet, led by bouzouki player Ehud Nathan, has been performing Irish music all around Israel, including at the Jacob’s Ladder Festival, since 1980 and is the country’s senior Celtic band.
McKeown, O’Connor and Black Velvet will play a program of traditional Irish music, with some original material written by the visitors and Nathan.
Tickets: or (03) 604-5000 or *8965
Going interactive in Shlomi
This Wednesday and Thursday, the Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater, in conjunction with the local authority and Shlomi Community Center, will hold the first Ma Shlomi Al Hagvul? (“How Am I Doing on the Border?” or “What is Shlomi on the Border?”) interdisciplinary festival.
The central theme of the festival is boundaries and borders, looking at creating works of art that straddle genre and stylistic boundaries, and testing and defining the boundaries of art.
The program includes theater productions created by the Shlomi Center, including Mankeleh Sheli (My Mankeleh) about an artist’s search for happiness and love, and Yesheinim (Sleeping), which is based on the theme of taking individual and social responsibility, involving the audience in the dramatic developments.
There is also a puppet theater show called Perah Bamidbar (Flower in the Desert).
The Shulhan Aruch event takes actor-audience interaction a step further and incorporates music, theater and singing around a dinner table, while Rav Siah (Discussion) examines the boundaries in our day-to-day lives.
Tickets and more information: (04) 987-5183-4 and