Eat, be merry and help others

After serving his signature dishes to world leaders Segev Moshe will be offering them to the public for a charity event.

Segev Moshe 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Segev Moshe 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
He has served his signature dishes to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former US president Bill Clinton. Now Segev Moshe, along with other celebrity chefs, will be hosting a special charity dinner to help provide food parcels for the elderly at Pessah.
Along with Israel Aharoni and Reviva Apple, Moshe will provide a select group of diners with the chance to sample his excellent culinary skills at a special event to raise money for charity.
The event, at the Hatraklin restaurant in Tel Aviv, is being arranged in conjunction with the non-profit Shorashim group, which organizes packages filled with food, toys and flowers for the elderly and the Ethiopian community at Pessah.
Moshe hopes that those who choose to come to the event will arrive with open hearts and, in addition to enjoying the great food, will carry on supporting the excellent work the charity does throughout the year.
People can just give money to those in need, he says, but food packages on holidays are more important because of the significance food has during Pessah.
The top chef, responsible for the starters at the event, will be serving his signature dish of Asian sprout salad as well as mushroom and Jerusalem artichoke soup.
“I chose these dishes because I know people will enjoy them,” he explains. “I have served them to world leaders; and – most importantly – my wife approves, so I think the customers will really enjoy them too.”
Although he firmly believes in bringing a smile to those in need and helping them in whatever way possible, Moshe contends that the diners who attend the event will actually feel better than those receiving the help.
“I really believe that it is important to help others,” he says. “Every one of us will become old at some point. We often forget this fact.”
The gourmet dinner will be held at Hatraklin, Rehov Nahalat Binyamin 41, Tel Aviv, on April 10, starting at 7 p.m. The cost is NIS 350 per person. For reservations call (03) 566-0013.

All proceeds from the event will go to Shorashim, which will purchase food and distribute it to those in need. Those who wish to participate in the distribution are more than welcome.