Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 1

TIP FOR THE WEEK: When in doubt—wait. There is enough time to slowly gather information, weigh the pros,cons then make your move.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
This is definitely not the time for any rash moves on your part especially where relationships are concerned.
You may feel that you know what you are doing but in the near future more information will come your way which may cause you to change your mind. In the meantime you continue spending a great deal of time organizing and checking out your options.
HINT: Professionally you may find that during the coming weeks it gets more and more difficult to set up a master plan, so be prepared for a few minor bumps along the way.
Always emotionally in tune with your surroundings, don’t let past insecurities overtake you this week. Your intuition tells you that all will work out in the end, and that is the voice you should heed. Faith not fear needs to be your motto these days. Ups and downs expected in your relationship with your partner and/or mate. Take a step back and give each other a little more space this week.
HINT: Although you would love to travel and get away, that is impossible at the moment. However, small, short trips will do much to help you rest and relax.
LEO (FIRE) JULY 23 – AUGUST 22 Too many people, too much responsibility and too many obligations are keeping you from spending quality time with those you care about---your family and a handful of very old dependable friends.
This is the week for turning down invitations and for relaxing at home with a good book, a simple meal and those closest to you.
HINT: Money and finances continue to need watching and this is the week for you to finally do something about unnecessary spending. Pay special attention to shared property.
You are anxious to move forward with your ideas but for the past few weeks something or someone has appeared which has caused you to take a step back and wait. Left feeling frustrated and angry this is the time for you to take control once again and to push your plans forward. If someone doesn’t understand your ideas or motives, then perhaps they are not supposed to be included on the team.
HINT: Money and finances need tending as you could be spending a lot more than you planned.
So much is going on in your life right now and no matter how prepared you think you are for change, when it happens you may be slightly overwhelmed.
Good friends and family act as a solid support group until you feel steady on your feet. The good news is that you are finally on the right track and the less you look back, the better. Your relationship with a sibling is stronger than ever and this person not only knows you best in the world, but likes what they see.
HINT: Financially things will work out, but you still need to keep your hand firmly on your wallet.
While you gather information and facts, trust your instincts and you will not err. There is so much happening in your life right now and there are days when keeping calm and feeling optimistic seems like an impossible goal. The good news is that not only are you on the right track but the feedback you are getting is positive and supportive.
Although you don’t have an abundance of cash right now, money will not be a problem.
HINT: The time and energy you spend now preparing for important meetings will serve you well in the coming weeks.
Finally after months of preparation, planning and praying you are ready to announce your new project. All your hard work will seem as nothing in comparison to the joy you feel of a job well done. Contacts you make in the weeks to come will important both professionally as well as personally as you broaden your horizons.
HINT: Take time off during the beginning of the week to spend some quality time with your family. They have been patient while you worked long, hard hours and it is time you showed your appreciation.
Take a step back in order to examine your options before making up your mind regarding a professional decision. You have choices but time is running out. A conversation with an air sign may send confusing signals, so wait before reacting. Rather than relying on your memory, write appointments down in your journal and pay particular attention to times and dates.
HINT: This weekend is a perfect time for inviting a few close friends over for a home-cooked meal.
Don’t let past hurts and insecurities hold you back. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. The end will be well worth the effort.
All you need now is to trust and believe in yourself…everyone else does! Money and finances continue to be on your mind but for the time being you cannot do more than you are doing. When meeting new people be especially nice as you don’t know who will change and actually become very nice as the weeks progress.
HINT: Make plans to reconnect with old friends.
You will find that you are especially sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those you come into close contact with at this time. When feeling rather sad or depressed, take a look around you and discover who is sending out these vibrations, and take a couple of steps back. Money matters are improving and soon you will be free to take that long trip you have been dreaming of. Time spent with a Cancer will do much to improve your mood and help you put things into perspective.
HINT: Don’t let a word spoken in haste ruin your relationship with a family member.
Finally you can begin preparing to take an extended trip to a special place you have longed to return to.
There are so many people you want to visit and who are waiting to spend some real, quality time with you. The decisions you make this week will have a farreaching effect, so take your time and whenever possible discuss your plans at length with your partner and/or mate.
HINT: Although your relationship with an elderly member of your family leaves much to be desired, there is a window of opportunity opening and now is when you should reach out to that person.
Some days you have the feeling that all your hard work is for naught and that others are controlling your destiny. The opposite is true! You are the master of your fate, but now is the time for facing your mistakes and learning from them. There are so many people who are pleased to call you their friend and this is a good week for getting out of the house and mingling with old friends and making new ones.
HINT: When in doubt, wait and trust your instincts.