119 dead in Iranian plane crash

Military transport aircraft with 94 people aboard hits residential area.

iran plane crash (photo credit: CNN)
iran plane crash
(photo credit: CNN)
An Iranian military transport plane with 94 people on board crashed into a 10-story building in the suburbs of the capital Teheran on Tuesday, killing 119 people, state television reported. All 94 people on the plane were killed, the mayor of Tehran said. "The building is on fire now," the television said, adding that fire fighters were trying to save people trapped inside the building in the Azari residential district. The C-130 aircraft hit the building while coming in to land at Tehran's Mehrabad airport, state television reported. The plane, which belonged to the Army's air force, was carrying 84 passengers and 10 crew, the television reported. It crashed due to a technical failure as it was trying to make an emergency landing, the television said. The plane crashed into the Towhid residential complex. It had taken off from Mehrabad airport and was heading to Bandar Abbas, a port city in southern Iran.