Al-Qaida video shows device targeting minesweeper

An Al-Qaida-linked group has posted a new video said to show the first use of an insurgent-made device that specifically targets US minesweepers in Iraq. The video, dated Apr. 25 and a minute and a half long, shows what is purported to be a US army vehicle driving down a road in a very leafy area. As the vehicle comes into focus, it suddenly explodes into a huge plume of smoke. The last sequence shows the charred hulk of the destroyed vehicle, lying overturned as the smoke clears away. The video, bearing the logo of the al-Furqan media production house of the al-Qaida affiliate Islamic State of Iraq, has no audio. It was posted on an Islamic Web site that frequently airs insurgent messages. It was also released by IntelCenter, a US government contractor that monitors al-Qaida messaging. The video's authenticity could not be independently confirmed.