Al-Qaida vow to overthrow Saudi royals

Warn Americans to, "stop supporting the Jews in Palestine."

saudi king 88  (photo credit: )
saudi king 88
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The leader of al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia, who was killed in a raid last month, vowed in his final testament that his group will overthrow the royal family and threatened more attacks against the kingdom and Americans in the region, according to a video released Saturday. The video showed Fahd Faraaj al-Juwair wearing a red T-shirt and what seems to be an explosive belt, reading his will. Behind him, the map of the Saudi Kingdom, written on it, "Expel the infidels from the Arabian Peninsula." Addressing the Saudi Royal family, al-Juwair said, "if you know what the youth are preparing for you, you will be busy to escape this peninsula," he said in the video, sent in an email to The Associated Press. He warned Americans, "Get out of Muhammad's peninsula, get out of all Muslim lands, stop supporting the Jews in Palestine, halt supporting Christians in Muslim lands, or else you'll have nothing but killing, destruction and explosions," al-Juwair added. Al-Juwair was reported killed by Saudi security forces along with four other leading militants in a Feb. 27 raid in the capital Riyadh, launched in the wake of an al-Qaida attack on the Abqaiq complex, the largest oil processing facility in the world.