'Algerian ship leaves for Gaza'

Report: Religious, political figures board blockade-breaking vessel.

greek ship flotilla ashdod 311 (photo credit: Ron Friedman)
greek ship flotilla ashdod 311
(photo credit: Ron Friedman)
Another aid ship meant to break the IDF naval blockade on Gaza sailed out of Algeria, Channel 10 reported on Thursday.
The ship reportedly left Algeria in the early afternoon, and is sponsored by the government. Religious and political figures are on the vessel, along with food, and educational and medical supplies.
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The ship was organized by the Muslim wise men organization in Algeria, and funded by business men, according to Channel 10. The organizers said the ship's purpose is to "show identification with the Palestinian nation."
Earlier this week, British socialist daily the Morning Star reported that a flotilla of ships titled the "Viva Palestina" convoy will leave from London, Casablanca in Morroco and Doha in Qatar on September 18, according to an opinion article by George Galloway.
Galloway states in the article that now that the siege on Gaza is being condemned by the EU, UN, many governments and every major international aid agency, "we are at a moment when pressure can be brought to bear as never before to frustrate Israel's moves to crush the Palestinians."