Amr Moussa to meet Assad regarding Lebanon crisis

Arab League chief Amr Moussa met with Syria's foreign minister on Thursday to seek Syrian help to end the long-running political crisis in neighboring Lebanon. Moussa also was set to meet later Thursday with Syrian President Bashar Assad after his talks with Foreign Minister Walid Moallem. Syria supports the Lebanese opposition's efforts to bring down the Beirut government. Parties allied to the Syrian-backed Hizbullah have withdrawn from the Lebanese Cabinet and staged daily protests in a bid to force US-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora to resign. Saniora has refused to step down and has accused the opposition of attempting a Syrian-backed coup. Moussa arrived here earlier Thursday from Lebanon where he held two days of talks with rival Lebanese leaders. The Lebanese As-Safir daily newspaper reported that Moussa also met with an Iranian foreign ministry envoy in Beirut Tuesday night who assured Moussa of Teheran's support for his mediation efforts. He is due to return to Lebanon later Thursday.