Anti-Hizbullah comment sparks W.Bank riot

Brawl began at wedding after one person called Nasrallah "a dog."

palestinians eggs 88.298 (photo credit: AP)
palestinians eggs 88.298
(photo credit: AP)
Two Palestinian families went after each other with knives and clubs at a wedding after one guest cursed the leader of Lebanon's Hizbullah guerrilla group, Palestinian security officials said Monday. Seven people were seriously wounded, they said. It took police three hours to break up the brawl that erupted Sunday night in the village of Aqada near the West Bank town of Jenin after a critic called Sheik Hassan Nasrallah "a dog," they said. Nasrallah's Hizbullah touched off a five-week war with Israel by killing eight Israeli soldiers and capturing two in a cross-border raid. A cease-fire that went into effect early Monday was designed to halt the violence.