Arab League chief: Arab efforts in Lebanon need a push

Arab League efforts to resolve the political crisis in Lebanon could still yield results, but they need a push from the Arabs and regional powers, the head of the organization said Wednesday. Former President Emile Lahoud left office on Nov. 23 without a successor, and parliament has so far failed to elect a replacement amid bickering between the majority and the opposition factions. "The (Arab League) initiative still has a good chance to succeed," Amr Moussa told reporters at the end of a visit to Kuwait. "But the Arab and regional situation has to help us make more progress." The latest date for the vote is set for Feb. 11. "I call on the leaders of Lebanon not to miss that chance," Moussa said, adding he was in daily contact with them and that he could travel to Beirut before the election date. If the Lebanese don't stop political bickering, they will become "a toy in the hands of many powers," he warned.