Bethlehem resident detained after weekend shooting

34-year-old Muhaned Aza detained on suspicion of perpetrating attack on car traveling between Har Gilo and J'lem; none were hurt in shooting.

Shooting (photo credit: [Channel 10])
(photo credit: [Channel 10])
IDF troops have apprehended a Palestinian from Bethlehem who allegedly perpetrated a shooting attacks Saturday night against an Israeli car near Jerusalem.
The car was traveling between Har Gilo and the capital when it came under gunfire. None of the passengers were wounded during the attack but the car was damaged.
RELATED:2 injured in West Bank terror attack near Rimonim Junction'Lod murders may be connected, assassins responsible'IDF troops from the Nachshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade later that night arrested 34-year-old Muhaned Aza who allegedly carried out the shooting. Aza was said to have admitted to carrying out the attack when apprehended by the soldiers.
Unrelated to Saturday's attack in the West Bank, three separate shooting incidents took place in the north of the country on Friday. The attack occured near the Arab villages of Kfar Kara and Ilut, as well as in the city of Acre. One person was critically injured, one moderately injured and another lightly injured in the attacks.
In a least two of the three incidents, the shootings near Kfar Kara and in Acre, those targeted by the attacks were previously known to police and a criminal motive behind the shootings was likely.