Bomber strikes at Baghdad college; over 30 dead

A suicide bomber struck Sunday outside a college campus in Baghdad, killing over 30 people and injuring dozens as a string of other blasts and rocket attacks left bloodshed around the city. Most of the victims near the College of Business Administration and Economics were students, police said. At least 42 people were injured. The wave of attacks came a day after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki lauded the progress of an ongoing US-Iraqi security operation seeking to cripple militant factions and sectarian killings in the capital. The suicide attacker detonated a bomb-rigged belt near the main entrance to the college, where students were resuming mid-term exams after the two-day weekend in Iraq. The school is located in a mostly Shi'ite district, but does not limit its enrollment to that group. It's part of Mustansiriyah University, which is located in another area of the city, and was the target of twin car bombs and a suicide blast last month that killed 70 people.