Channel 2: IDF detects Syrian rocket test

The army's radar systems detected a series of drills in the past few months.

scuds 88 (photo credit: )
scuds 88
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Syria test-launched a series of ground to ground missiles in recent months, Channel 2 reported Monday. According to data released by the military censor, Damascus has been testing rockets over a period of time, and the tests have been detected by Israeli radar systems, including the systems linked to Israel's missile defense systems. Most of Syria's long-range missiles are based on the Scud design, Channel 2 reported. While Syria's arsenal of missiles is based mainly on antiquated soviet ware upgraded and improved in Syria, the missiles - with a range of 300-700 km. - can still reach any target in Israel. Syria is believed to hold chemical warheads in its arsenal and is also suspected of having experimented with biological warheads. However, the inaccurate and heavy Scud missiles - of which Syria has about 1,000 - only supplement dozens of batteries of smaller rockets with a shorter range but also greater accuracy. According to the Channel 2 report, Israel is more concerned with Syria's arsenal of smaller medium range rockets. The Syrian doctrine has changed following the Second Lebanon War, which Damascus has been watching and analyzing closely, and the Syrian army has been emulating tactics used by Hizbullah in recent drills and exercises.