Egypt: Police bar Brotherhood voters from polls

Lines of police barred opposition voters from some poll stations Monday in the latest contest between Egypt's heavily entrenched ruling party and the Muslim Brotherhood - the country's most powerful opposition group, which has been the subject of a fierce government crackdown in recent months. "We want to vote," a crowd of supporters of an independent candidate chanted outside a polling station in Giza, Cairo's sister-city, in front of black-uniformed riot police who blocked the entrance. Police officers at the site said the supporters were not registered to vote, though dozens waved what appeared to be proper official voting cards. "If I had heavy makeup and miniskirt on, they would have allowed me to vote with pleasure," said Safaa Hegazy, a veiled woman, who was prevented by police from entering another station in Giza. "They are punishing me because I want to vote for the Brotherhood." Earlier, one person was killed in an exchange of gunfire as clashes erupted between rival supporters.