'Egypt will break the legs of those who threaten it'

Field Marshal Tantawi makes comments in apparent reference Israel after FM Liberman emphasizes threat from Sinai.

Tantawi 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Tantawi 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Egyptian Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi said Monday that Egypt will "break the legs" of those who threaten it, al-ahram reported, in an apparent reference to Israel.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman recently stated that Israel must take action to neutralize a threat emanating from the Sinai.
In a speech to Egyptian troops in the Sinai, Tantawi said that the Egyptian border is always in danger. "we never attack neighboring countries and only protect our own borders," he said. "We will break the legs of anyone who dares to come near to the borders. That’s why our troops should always be ready."
Tantawi stated that the Egyptian armed forces is not a political entity. "We do not interfere in politics," he said, "we are not politicians. We belong to the people who trust us and stand behind us... Egypt is the responsibility of the armed forces."
On Sunday, Foreign Minister Liberman posted on his Twitter account a link to a Ma’ariv story quoting him as telling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a recent meeting that the situation in Egypt was more disconcerting for Israel than the situation with Iran.
According to the report that appeared Sunday, Liberman said that in light of the developments in Egypt – which include the introduction of Egyptian forces into Sinai to try to regain control there – the IDF needed to rebuild and significantly increase the southern command.
Liberman said that the Egyptian forces, which Israel agreed Cairo could move into Sinai, have proven ineffective in fighting terrorism there.
The foreign minister was quoted as saying that it was conceivable that following the presidential elections in Egypt, Cairo would in a significant way renege on the peace agreement and move a considerable number of troops into Sinai.