'Egyptian who spied for Israel stole documents'

A witness testifying in the trial of an Egyptian nuclear engineer charged with spying for Israel said Sunday that the accused obtained documents which were potentially harmful to Egypt illegally and passed them on to Israeli intelligence. Ali Islam, head of Egypt's atomic agency, said the engineer stole confidential reports from the agency and gave them to the Mossad in an act that could "harm the supreme interests for the nation, politically and economically," the state MENA news agency reported. Egypt has charged Mohammed Sayed Saber, 35, a nuclear engineer who used to work for the atomic agency, of stealing classified documents and handing them over to Israel for US$17,000 (€12,500). Islam testified that Saber "illegally obtained" the documents from his department, kept them for 10 years "although they were confidential and classified documents that he (Saber) is not allowed to keep in his possession or travel with."