EU hopes new handcuffs will untie PA Police's hands

Prior to receiving EU aid, the Palestinian Civil Police had a total of 40 handcuffs.

handcuffs 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
handcuffs 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
EUPOL COPPS, the European Union mission to the Palestinian Authority Police, announced Wednesday that they have begun the distribution of 250 metal handcuffs and nylon pouches to members of the Palestinian Civil Police, increasing the number of handcuffs used by Palestinian police in the West Bank by over 200 percent. During the next few weeks, members of the Adviser Section of EUPOL COPPS will travel to each West Bank district to hand over the equipment, which was purchased for some €10,000, and supervise specialized training on handcuffing techniques for the Palestinian Civil Police. A booklet created by EUPOL COPPS that details the techniques and legal information for the equipment's use will be presented with each set of handcuffs. According to an audit carried out by EUPOL COPPS, the Palestinian Civil Police had a total of 40 handcuffs prior to receiving EU aid. "It is important for both the safety of people being arrested and officers that appropriate equipment is available for the police. Handcuffs allow the police to restrain suspects and offenders with minimum use of force," said EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission Colin Smith. EUPOL COPPS's overall objective is to support the PA in establishing sustainable and effective policing arrangements.