Fatah official: Dahlan forcing US-Israeli agenda

A conservative faction associated with Ahmed Hilas, the Fatah secretary in Gaza, slammed PA National Security Adviser Muhammad Dahlan on Thursday, calling for Fatah to stop operating according to the Israeli-American agenda that Dahlan was "forcing" on the organization, Israel Radio reported. According to the report, the faction was not trying to separate from Fatah, but was pushing a process of internal change. Hilas emphasized that if Fatah wanted to support the Palestinian people it must return to its original position - the struggle for national liberation. "There are those who think that it's possible to solve the problems of the occupation through dialogue, while the internal problems can be solved only with the power of weapons, and prefer a treaty with the US and Europe to a treaty with the Arab and Islamic nation," he said, referring to Dahlan. Hilas recently lost a portion of his power after PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas approved the new appointments for the Fatah leadership in Gaza and the West Bank - all associates of Dahlan.