France looks to arms, nuclear energy accords during Gaddafi visit

Libya expects to buy $4.39 billion worth of Airbus jets and land deals for a nuclear reactor and arms purchases when Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gaddafi visits Paris next week, his son was quoted as saying Friday. President Nicolas Sarkozy's spokesman, David Martinon, said the French government hopes a "large number" of accords will be signed during Gaddafi's visit, which begins Monday. Martinon said agreements might be reached on arms, nuclear energy, agriculture and health. The Libyan leader's son, Seif el-Islam Gaddafi, said in an interview on Le Figaro's Web site that he expected deals for Airbus commercial jets worth more than $4.39b. to be signed during the visit. He said he also expected deals for a nuclear reactor and defense equipment.