Gadhafi: Settlement reached in HIV case

A settlement has been reached with families of HIV-infected children in the case of five sentenced Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, the spokesman of Libya's Gadhafi foundation said Tuesday. "A settlement has been reached by the Gadhafi foundation and the League of the Libyan Children infected with aids," said foundation spokesman Salah Abdessalem, referring to the group representing the families of the HIV-infected children. "This settlement is acceptable to all parties and will end the crisis," the spokesman told The Associated Press. "Details will be announced tomorrow," he said without elaborating. He did not say how the deal would affect the six medics or whether their death sentence could be commuted to prison time. The announcement came a day before Libya's Supreme Court was to rule on the appeal of the foreign medical workers, who were sentenced to death on charges of infecting about 400 Libyan children with the AIDS virus. Fifty of the children have died.