Gallery: Sixth day of Egyptian anti-government protests

Up to 10,000 protesters gather in Tahrir Square, defying the curfew and addressing Mubarak with their chants of "Leave, leave, leave."

CAIRO — Egypt's most prominent democracy advocate took up a bullhorn Sunday to call for President Hosni Mubarak to go, speaking to thousands of protesters who defied a third night of curfew to mass in the capital's main square. Fighter jets streaked low overhead and police returned to the streets as Egypt's government tried to show its authority over a situation spiraling out of control.
Nobel Peace laureate Mohammed ElBaradei's appearance in Tahrir, or Liberation, Square underscored the jockeying for leadership of the mass protest movement that erupted seemingly out of nowhere over the past week to shake the Arab world's most populous nation.

Now in their sixth day, the protests have come to be centered in Tahrir Square, where demonstrators have camped out since Friday. Up to 10,000 protesters gathered there during the day Sunday, and even after the 4 p.m. curfew, they numbered in the thousands, including families with young children, addressing Mubarak with their chants of "Leave, leave, leave."