Gaza: Woman caught smuggling arms

Sinai police at Rafah detain Palestinian, 54, carrying over 100 weapon parts.

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A Palestinian woman was detained Tuesday for trying to smuggle more than 100 spare weapon parts from Egypt into Gaza, police said. Capt. Mohammed Badr of the North Sinai Peninsula police unit said the detained woman confessed that she bought the spare parts from Beduin weapon dealers in Sinai and planned to bring them to Palestinian factions in Gaza. Badr said security police at the Rafah border crossing found 121 spare parts for automatic weapons, guns and Kalashnikov rifles in the 54-year-old Palestinian woman's luggage. Egyptian police in northern Sinai are questioning the woman, according to Badr. Israel has long accused Egypt of not doing enough to stop the smuggling of weapons to Palestinian terrorists. Egypt has rejected the allegations, but recently said it would make a greater effort to crack down on the trafficking.