Hamas asks faithful for anti-Fatah slogans

Hamas on Sunday made an urgent appeal to its supporters to come up with a number of slogans that will be used during demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and top officials from his Fatah party. The call came after Hamas discovered that Fatah supporters have been chanting anti-Hamas slogans on the streets in the past few weeks. Most of Hamas's slogans have thus far been directed against Israel, the Jews and the US. The need for new slogans comes amid increased tensions between Hamas and Fatah in the aftermath of Abbas's decision to call early legislative and presidential elections. Most of the slogans are directed against Abbas and senior Fatah operative Muhammad Dahlan, who has been accused by Hamas of masterminding last week's assassination attempt on the life of PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Fatah activists said they were now preparing their own anti-Hamas slogans. Following is a translation of some of the new rhyming slogans that are currently being used by Hamas supporters:
  • • Palestinian Legislative Council move forward until you complete your four-year-term, neither Abu Mazen [Abbas] nor Dahlan will win the gamble!
  • Hamas, O' Kassam, trample on the head of Dahlan! [Kassam is the name of the armed wing of Hamas]
  • Abbas O' Dahlan, agents of the Americans!
  • Haniyeh, Palestine is calling you: Get rid of the thieves!
  • Abbas get out, this is our clean and free country!
  • Dahlan you traitor, go to Israel!
  • Dahlan inform Abbas, all the people are with Hamas!
  • Abbas, O' Abbas, the people will trample on you with their shoes!