Hamas leader: Organization ready to join PA gov't

A Hamas leader on Sunday said the terror organization is interested in joining the Palestinian government after upcoming parliamentary elections. Sayid Siyam, a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, said the group believes that entering the government will allow it to push its agenda of promoting reform and ending corruption. In particular, he said, Hamas has its eyes on some of the Palestinian security branches, which he called "one of the areas of corruption" and "an object of our interest to reform." Siyam stopped short of calling for a halt in the suicide attacks, but signaled that the group is shifting its focus to politics and away from armed conflict with Israel. "Martyrdom operations is one of our tools. It is not the only means that we have," he said, referring to suicide attacks. Hamas leaders say privately that they are ready to end the suicide attacks and continue a cease-fire with Israel in order to focus on politics. They say, however, that such decisions will come after the election.