Hawatmeh: Abbas is truly a man of peace, a liberal

"[Palestinian Authority Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas is a man of peace. He is a liberal willing to negotiate, unlike [former PA chairman Yasser] Arafat, who wanted to enact a totalitarian regime based on nepotism," Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) leader Naef Hawatmeh told Channel One in an interview aired Friday evening. A Greek orthodox Christian with marxist leanings, Hawatmeh was a close ally of Arafat and was also the brain behind the lethal Ma'alot terror attack. On May 15th, 1974 a unit sent by Hawatmeh overtook a school in Ma'alot, leaving in its wake 22 dead, including three of the same family and an additional 68 wounded. Ma'alot survivors vowed to use any means to stop the government from allowing Hawatmeh to return.