Hebrew writing on 'spying' device found in Lebanon

Lebanese army website publishes pictures of alleged Israeli espionage equipment found near Beirut.

Hebrew Spy Equipment 311 (photo credit: LAF Website)
Hebrew Spy Equipment 311
(photo credit: LAF Website)
The Lebanese Armed Forces website on Thursday published pictures of a device with Hebrew words and the word 'Israel' written on it that the LAF claims is an Israeli device used for espionage that was discovered on Wednesday night near Beirut.
The sign on the device says "Mini Cloud" in Hebrew and Beam Systems Israel LTD in English.
Lebanon: Sidon explosion was third Israeli spying device
Lebanon claims it confiscated Israeli 'spy' equipment
On Wednesday, the Lebanese military claimed its soldiers had discovered and dismantled two spy cameras planted in the country’s mountains by Israel.
One of the long-range spying systems was reportedly placed on Mount Sannine, which overlooks Beirut and the eastern Bekaa Valley, and the second was said to be on Mount Barouk, southeast of the capital, the army said in a statement.
The system found on Sannine included a camera, a device to send images and a third to receive signals, the Lebanese Army said. The device found on Barouk was “much more complicated.”
A mysterious explosion near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon reported Wednesday evening was from the destruction of a third Israeli spying device that was destroyed by IAF aircraft, Lebanese radio station Radio Lebanon reported Thursday.
The device was said to have been planted in the coastal water near the Lebanese city. No further details were revealed.
The army has denied any reports of IDF activity near Sidon Wednesday night.