Hizbullah: Bush is a 'terrorist leader'

Statement by group comes one week after US president slams Hizbullah for terror against civilians.

Nasrallah in armchair 22 (photo credit: AP)
Nasrallah in armchair 22
(photo credit: AP)
One week after US President George W. Bush condemned Hizbullah for its use of terrorism against civilians, the guerilla group lashed back on Sunday, calling the president a "terrorist leader" and welcoming his criticism. "Every resistance movement in the world should be proud to take criticism from world terrorist leaders, like [US President George W. Bush] and his cadre," a statement issued by the organization read. "Bush's comments are proof that the Lebanese resistance movement is on the right track." "The whole world knows that the United States poses the gravest threat to peace and world security," the statement added. In a speech marking the 25th anniversary of the 1983 attack on the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Bush blasted the Lebanese guerilla group for its use of terrorism against civilians, and urged the international community to follow suit. "Since the Beirut attack, we and citizens of many countries have suffered more attacks at the hands of Hizbullah and other terrorists, backed by the regimes in Teheran and Damascus, which use terror and violence against innocent civilians," Bush said on April 17. "All nations should condemn such brutal attacks and recognize that the purposeful targeting of civilians is immoral and unjustifiable."