Hizbullah: Hariri tribunal defies Lebanese rule

Hizbullah on Thursday denounced a UN decision to form an international tribunal in former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination as a "violation" of Lebanese sovereignty. "The resolution, as much as it constitutes a violation of the Lebanese state and an attack on its internal affairs, it is contrary to legal rules and the charters and principles of the United Nations and the objectives for which it was established to achieve," said a statement issued by the group. "Therefore, it (the resolution) amounts to a flagrant violation that makes the resolution illegal and illegitimate at the national and international level," the statement said. The UN Security Council voted late Wednesday to approve the tribunal, bypassing Lebanon's parliament which has failed to meet to endorse it. The Shi'ite Muslim group has previously warned against the creation of the tribunal under the militarily enforceable Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.