IAF missile hits Gaza City building

Islamic Jihad: Strike was meant to target car carrying group's members.

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An IAF aircraft attacked a building in Gaza City on Tuesday, the army said, causing substantial damage to the structure. There were no casualties, Palestinian officials said. The attack hit the top floor of the three-story building, leaving a large hole in the roof. Witnesses said an unfinished apartment was hit. A car outside the building also was damaged. It was not immediately clear why the building was targeted. The army confirmed the attack, but gave no further details. Abu Hamze, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, said the air strike appeared to be an attempt to target members of his group who were traveling in a car near the building. On Sunday, two Palestinian civilians were wounded when another IAF missile fired towards a car in Gaza City missed its target, Palestinian sources reported. The IDF confirmed that the air strike was an unsuccessful attempt to kill a senior Islamic Jihad operative involved in terror activity. Earlier that day, the IDF targeted and killed two Palestinians after they fired Kassam rockets at a school in Sderot and near the Sapir Academic College in the western Negev.