IDF Gaza strike wounds 2 Palestinians

IDF confirms strike was unsuccessful attempt to kill Islamic Jihad terrorist.

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Two Palestinian civilians were wounded Sunday when an IAF missile fired towards a car in Gaza City missed its target, Palestinian sources reported. The IDF confirmed that that the air strike was an unsuccessful attempt to kill a senior Islamic Jihad operative who was involved in terror activity. Earlier Sunday, the IDF targeted and killed two Palestinians after they fired Kassam rockets at a school in Sderot and near the Sapir Academic College in the western Negev. Two other Palestinians were killed in a separate incident. Predawn Sunday, IDF troops from the Golani Brigade's 12th Battalion shot and killed two armed Palestinians near the Gaza border fence. Palestinians said the two were members of Hamas. The gunmen had tried to lay an ambush for the soldiers, Hamas said. They first tampered with the fence in an attempt to enter Israel, and when they opened fire, the troops shot back. IDF sources confirmed that the two had been hit, and claimed that they had approached the fence carrying guns and grenades. On Sunday afternoon, two Kassams landed near Sapir College, lightly wounding a woman in her hand. Three other people were treated for shock. Moments after the rockets were fired, the IAF bombed the launchers in the northern Gaza Strip, destroying them and killing two Islamic Jihad terrorists. A third rocket landed near a western Negev kibbutz, causing several people to suffer shock and damaging a number of cars in the vicinity. The IDF said its aircraft hit a rocket launching site. Abu Hamzeh of Islamic Jihad said the two men belonged to the group and "were on a holy mission." Palestinian sources identified one of those killed as Islamic Jihad member Muhammad Abu Saif. Later on Sunday night, the IAF missed its target - apparently another Islamic Jihad cell - in a second air strike on Gaza City.