Insurgent group slams Saturday's attack in Iraq

A newly formed influential Sunni Muslim insurgent coalition on Monday denounced a truck bombing that blasted a Shiite town north of Baghdad on Saturday killing more than 100 people, according to an Internet posting. "Such acts are in contrast with God's Book (the Koran) and the example of the Prophet (Muhammad) ... and without any rational or logical base," the Jihad and Reform Front said in an unusual critical statement posted on an Islamic Web forum usually used by Iraqi insurgents. In Saturday's attack - among the deadliest this year in Iraq - the truck detonation ripped through a market in the farming Turkoman Shi'ite town of Armili as crowds had gathered for morning shopping. The attack killed more than 160 people, according to the latest toll from police and officials. Though no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, it reinforced suspicions that al-Qaida extremists were moving north to less protected regions beyond the US security crackdown in Baghdad and on the capital's northern doorstep.