Iraq: Suicide bomber targets funeral, 36 dead

A suicide bomber detonated his car in a crowd of Shi'ite mourners north of Baghdad, killing at least 36 people and raising the death toll in two days of attacks against Shi'ites to more than 120. Five American soldiers died in roadside bombings during the same period. In the north, US and Iraqi forces raided a suspected al-Qaida hideout Saturday in Mosul and at least seven insurgents died - three committing suicide to avoid capture, Iraqi authorities said. Four Iraqi policemen were also killed and 11 US troops wounded, Iraqi and US officials said. The suicide car bomb exploded late in the afternoon as mourners offered condolences to Raad Majid, head of the municipal council in the village of Abu Saida, over the death of his uncle. Abu Saida is near Baqouba, a religiously mixed city 35 miles (56 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad. Police said about 50 people were injured. On Oct. 29, a bomb hidden in a truck loaded with dates exploded in another Shiite community in the same area, killing 30 people.
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