Iraqi PM says he expects to present new Cabinet list 'within a few days'

Iraq's prime minister said Friday that he expects to present a new Cabinet list "within a few days" after receiving agreement from boycotting political parties to return. It was the latest statement by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki expressing optimism that he will be able to bring minority Sunnis back into his Shiite-dominated government in what would be an important sign of success in efforts toward national reconciliation. Al-Maliki also said the work of US-allied Sunni groups who have joined forces against al-Qaida in Iraq was done, with 20 percent of their members incorporated into the Iraqi security forces and the rest being trained to work in civilian institutions. The so-called awakening councils have proven key to the American military's recent gains against the terror network and it was not immediately clear what, if any, practical effect al-Maliki's comments would have. The local Sunni groups have complained of a lack of support from the Shiite-dominated government.